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21/04/2014 (G) - 10:31 AM
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  • RiyadOnline allows you to logon with your User ID or a Nickname that you can assign for yourself. If you already have a nickname, click on the button at the left of the 'User Nickname' field, and enter your nickname.

  • If you enter three times a wrong password, your logon will be locked by the bank for security reasons; you will need to reactivate your service.

Security Alert
Please refrain from downloading applications or opening links sent by email or SMS from unknown sources as they might obtain your security passwords and authentication SMS. Beware because these are fraud attempts to steal/withdraw money from your account and ONLY download applications from official app. store like Google Play and Apple app store.
Fraud Awareness
Please be very suspicious of any emails, websites, business or person that ask for your user ID, password, account number, or other sensitive information claiming to be from Riyad Bank. If you have previously responded to such messages, please contact Riyad Bank as soon as possible at:
920002470 (in KSA)
+966 920002470 (outside and mobile)

For more information regarding Fraud Awareness please click here
Please report all suspicious Fraud incidents to Riyad Bank Fraud Control Department by completing the Fraud Notification Form , or call the Fraud Control Hotline on 800 127 7770.
Click here to view Fraud Awareness FAQ.
Security Tip
In order to provide the highest security measures when using RiyadOnline, Riyad Bank has partnered with Trusteer (the world's leading provider of secure web access services) offering you FREE security software. You can download the software by clicking on the below link.
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